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About my Art

Through my personal artwork I illustrate the connections our human form (body, spirit, soul) with its self-created environments (representing needs, fears, dreams, etc...). In this sense the surroundings can be viewed as figurative, as extensions of our human form, dynamic and revealing of our inner workings.

But more than that, my work also deliberates on the relationship between the inner and outer world. The recognizable and somewhat familiar objects and backdrops are employed in such a fashion as to transcend their utilitarian or historical functions and become contemporary symbols, representing the state within ourselves, as well as our interconnectedness with what is outside of us. A simpler way of putting it is: What is outside must be found inside and what is inside of us will be made manifest outside.

On the Art Product

Even though the reception/presentation of art appears to be a relatively passive process, their impacts should not be underestimated when considering what it means to be a human being. Innate in our human condition is the tendency to reflect upon ourselves through comparisons and through relationships with our surroundings. We are drawn in, both as artist and spectator, to engage on many levels with the work. We are lead to discover discrepancies and disharmonies or correlations and confirmations in the work, or in our relationship to the work, and therefore, ultimately in ourselves. More then an intellectual pursuit, this is almost physical in nature. 

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